eBook Hatch is a 100% free online book making platform designed for the education community. Click the links above or turn the pages of this book to learn more about the site and how it works!

How Does It Work?

eBook Hatch is designed to be easy enough for anyone and flexible enough for everyone.

You can easily design your ebook page by page, insert pictures, and even embed audio and video to make your ebook stand out.

When your ebook is published, it will be available online just like this one.
(but bigger to allow for more content)

You can create a group, add your users, and start creating books within minutes!

What Does It Cost?

eBook Hatch is totally free! We are supported by ads to cover the cost of hosting, development, and support. You will never be asked for any payment of any kind.

Who Can Use This?

eBook Hatch was designed by an educator with classroom use in mind. Making an ebook can be an excellent alternate assessment for students to show their knowledge of a particular subject.

Use of eBook Hatch need not be limited to the classroom, however! Feel free to use this tool however you may find it useful.

How Do I Start?

Getting your group up and publishing on eBook Hatch is very simple and only takes a minute or two!

You can start by creating a group here: Create eBook Group

You might also find this Getting Started with eBook Hatch printable guide helpful.

And of course, you can always drop us an email here: Contact eBook Hatch